Very important- all sales on books, boxes, and items are final sale. This includes limited edition crates and presale crates.There are no refunds, exchanges or returns and all renewals are final. Very important if international to check customs fees and policies prior to placing an order. We are not responsible nor do we pay your customs fees. Any returns due to unpaid fees will be reshipped at the buyers expense.  Please cancel prior to renewal on the 15th (must cancel the 14th or sooner) here on shopify  if you wish to avoid being charged a renewal on your subscription.  All renewal charges once gone through are final and will not be reversed..


All monthly boxes will ship out at the end of each month (The 28th through 31st) via priority mail 2 to 3 days delivery in the USA.  Canada delivery will take 10 to 14 days and International will take 2 to 4 weeks.


Subscriptions will be renewed on the 15th of each month.  If you do not wish to be charged you must cancel by the 14th prior to renewal. Once renewal has occurred your box will ship. All renewals are final. There will not be a refund given. Non Payment - If a subscription does not go through because the card is declined it will try again the next day. It will continue to try again until it goes through or has reached the next cut off period. Then it will try again the next month. It is very important that you log in and cancel an unwanted subscription.


Past boxes may not ship out with the author letter and signed bookplate. We are only given enough to add them to our initial orders so if you are ordering a previous crate please note your box may not contain these author items. To ensure that you get them please order a one time crate during our initial sale of the crate or have a monthly subscription.


Our renewals happen the 15th of the month and the cut off date is the 16th of the month.  This means if you order in the first half of the month you are subscribing to the month befores themed box.  Example: If you order on June 14th you will get a JUNE box,  if you order on June 17th you will get a JULY box. We release our theme and begin selling the next box the 17th of the month. If we sell out a crate early, we will begin selling the next months crate. Please keep informed on Instagram, Facebook, or our email newsletter so you know when the themes change.  Any questions just shoot me a message there is now an online chat on shopify in the lower right hand corner. I'm happy to help.


We offer one time purchase boxes as well as subscription boxes. You can save $5 per month just by ordering a subscription box. 


Please contact magicalreadscrate@gmail.com with any questions or concerns

Welcome to Magical Reads Book Crate

We are a team here at magical reads.  While this is my first book box I am very familiar with the book box world.  My Mom runs her own book box and has taught me well. She will also assist me along the way.  This however is my own company and I am very excited to bring you a transparent box that is different from the traditional ya book box. Most items found in a book box I ended up not using or just collecting.  So I'm on a mission to create something different. Higher quality items that are actually usable and do not just sit around and collect dust.  Thanks for joining me on this new adventure!

Coupon Codes

We cannot go back and edit an order after it has been place to add a coupon code.  You will need to do that at the time of order.


Once an order is placed it is final please check the address, item you're subscribing to or ordering, the shipping rate and make sure everything is correct before checking out and paying.  If something doesn't look right please email us and ask prior to purchasing at magicalreadscrate@gmail.com  Once again all purchases of boxes, books, and items are final sale.  We do not do returns, refunds, or exchanges.


If you have an idea for an item that would be amazing to get in box please email me at magicalreadscrate@gmail.com I'd love to hear what you think. Please share your opinions on paper items and more! We are always open to new ideas.

Frozen or Melting Policy

We try our best to give new and exciting items to our subscribers these items include full size candles, body soaps, mini candles, lip balm, hand soaps, chapstick, room spray, and bath bombs.  We know weather is different round the globe and we ship worldwide. We simply cannot be held responsible for weather.  While one subscriber may live in Arizona and have high temps another lives in the snow. We ask that you take this into account when placing an order when weather is extreme where you live. We ship US priority mail which is 2 to 3 days US. We do our best to get packages to you quickly.  These packages have the potential to sit in hot or cold mail trucks for a lengthy amount of time. We ask that you watch your tracking and have you or a trusted family member or friend be there for mail delivery or at least try to get the package out of the mailbox and off the porch as soon as possible. If you will be out of town please try to arrange with us a delayed shipment so your package is not left out.  We can hold it until your return and then send it.  Please note that a frozen or melted item is not a broken item. Soap can be melted in microwave and poured in any mold to regain shape making it still smell great and be usable. Candles can re-harden at room temperature or be place in the refrigerator for a brief period of time.

Broken or missing Items

We do our best to ensure that everyone gets each item in their box.  We understand that the postal service can be rough on boxes.  If an item arrives broken please contact us via email right away and within 7 days of delivery and include photos of the broken item. (please note this does not include frozen or melted items, please see our frozen and melting policy.)  We include a packing list on top of each box (spoiler card) which tells you all the contents of the box.  If an item is honestly missing please contact us within 7 days of box delivery and we will do our best to get you the item.  All claims must be made via email and within 7 days to be valid.  Contact within a week of delivery or no replacements , no exceptions. Also unfortunately international subscribers we cannot send out just an item due to shipping fees. We can replace the item in your next box if arranged with me within the 7 days or a small gift card of $5 will be offered to you. damage replacements do not include books.  All books are final sale. International customers please note that customs does sometimes open boxes remove items, and put it all back in. Sometimes they are not in the order they were meant to be as in items on bottom and books on top or disheveled. It is unfortunate but it happens. In these cases a claim needs to be made with the post office. Photos need to be taken and condition of items documented. These claims can take 30 to 60+ days to be resolved and have a refund credited. If a credit is given it will be passed to the customer if they choose or the customer can then have a full replacement box sent out at that time.  The case must be resolved before credit or replacement box is issued.

International Customs and Fees & Returned Packages

Customers are responsible for paying any duties or custom fees for their own packages. Please check with your Countries policies before placing an order if you are unsure about duty fees. We have recently been informed that the UK Greece, and Italy all have a customs tax or VAT on subscription boxes.  We cannot do research on every country in the world so please check your countries policies before placing an order.  If your package is returned to us for unpaid custom fees or taxes  it is NOT our responsibility and will NOT be refunded.  The package can be resent at the buyers expense which is $14 to Canada and $17 International. We will only charge you actual shipping and you will see the total before paying. Payment can be sent to Paypal at magicalreadscrate@gmail.com or if you don't have paypal we an create a custom shipping listing for you.  Again, as a customer you are responsible for looking into it and know if and any taxes or fees are associated with a subscription box in your country and making sure your address is correct.  ***Please note that if a package is returned it will need to be resent at the buyers expense. Please check your shipping address and customs / duty fees before placing an order***  To be very clear we do not reship packages at our expense it will be up to the buyer if the package is returned for an incorrect address, or unpaid customs or fees, or not being claimed or picked up. If you choose not to pay your custom or duty fees on your box and send it back you will not get a refund, you may  pay to have it re-mailed if you wish. Keep in mind when they come back over the pond a lot of times they are roughed up its a  long journey back and forth so it is best to pay your duty the first time around.


We include all genres of books our favorite genre to include is fantasy. Other genres include ya mystery/thriller, contemporary, sci-fi, adventure, ya historical fiction.  If I had to say which one we would be including the most I would say fantasy. If I had to pick which one we will include the least I would say contemporary.  Hopefully this gives you a little feel for the future book picks. Are you an author or a publisher?  If you'd like me to take a look at your book and consider it for an upcoming box please reach out via email at magicalreadscrate.gmail.com


Please email us your wholesale price list at magicalreadscrate@gmail.com  If we are interested we will get back with you and ask to see a sample product to check for quality.  Once that step is complete is the quality and price fits our box we will schedule your item to be in a future box.

Thank you for being a part of Magical Book Reads Crate and giving this bookworm a chance to bring you an amazing box full of usable items.  From the bottom of this booknerds heart thank you!